The First Pioneers

#90 - The Pioneer Make a Wish Foundation

October 12, 2021

No card has had a bigger effect on Pioneer than Bring to Light. It is the premier tutor effect in the format, but is it the only one worth playing? In this week's episode the First Pioneers explore more of the format by looking at all of the cards that let you search for other ones, be they in your library or in your sideboard. But even if you have these powerful effects, what use are they without equally powerful targets?  We answer all of these questions as well as discuss which tutor effects need to study harder and which wish targets need to be stronger in order to be playable in Pioneer.


Whether you're a competitive player trying to get a deeper grasp on the format or a new player that wants to brew and explore Pioneer more, be sure you don't miss this! Join our discord to talk about your own favorite wish and tutor cards!


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