The First Pioneers

#89 - Of Meta and Mana

October 3, 2021

Innistrad Midnight Hunt dropped a few weeks back and has already started to "claw" its way into the Pioneer metagame. What better way to look for clues in this new meta than to have on our re-occurring guest and honorary co-host EkerossMTG to talk about how the format transitioned from the Forgotten Realms metagame to the new one. Ekeross gives us an in depth look at the MTGO metagame from the Mana Traders Pioneer league that happened in September and talked about his deck choices, as well as how new cards from Midnight Hunt found their way into many people's decks after the swiss portion of the tournament.

Whether you're updating your own decks after last season or just curious to see what cards from the new set are actually seeing play, check out this week's podcast. We also talk about the possibility of online and in paper metagames being different in the future, so if you're interested be sure to listen all the way to the end!


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