The First Pioneers

#88 - Challenging Pioneer

September 27, 2021

A few weeks back Wizards of the Coast announced they would be releasing Pioneer Challenger decks for players both new to the format as well as those looking for a competitive deck that does more damage to your opponents than to your wallet. No stranger to building on a budget and brewing decks in the Pioneer format, the First Pioneers were very impressed with what Wizards released. So much that we wanted to know more about how the new challenger decks came to be.


We reached out and got a hold of Michael Hinderaker, a Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast who worked on the Pioneer Challenger decks and picked his brain about each and every choice he made while he put them together. If you have ever wondered about the process Game Designers go through when they produce supplemental material like this and about the hard choices they have to make to keep the decks fair and affordable, you don't want to miss this week's episode!


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