The First Pioneers

#83 - Pioneer on a Budget: Summer 2021 Edition

August 16, 2021

It has been a while since we worked on some budget builds of the best decks in Pioneer, but with all the renewed interest in the format we thought it would be both a fun exercise and a way to help those new people getting into the format without breaking the bank. The question is, can you still win with a budget version of the best decks in the format? The First Pioneers, along with budget Pioneer deck aficionado ServoToken, try to prove that you can. We go over semi-budget $120 versions, as well as budget $50 decks of Mono black aggro, Phoenix, Spirits, Ensoul Artifacts, Enigmatic Incarnation, as well as Black/Red Arcanist so whatever your price point we got your covered.


After you listen, be sure to tell us which versions are your favorite on our discord or Twitter!


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